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Lebron James and the Cavs came to Cincy last Wednesday night 10/15/14. I would have gotten tickets earlier but my son was supposed to have a soccer game - got cancelled due to rain.

He begged for me to try to get us into the game. I found two tickets on Vivid Seats about 2 hours before the game. Since it was the chance of a lifetime for my son, I splurged on the $163 total for the 2 tickets. Didn't check out any reviews on Vivid Seats, since I was rushing.

Printed out the tickets and headed to the game. Fought some wicked traffic, paid for parking and trecked through campus to the Cintas Center. We were totally pumped as we approached the arena. That didn't last long, as we were turned away at the gate - the usher saying the tickets had already been scanned!

He directed us to the box office where I was told there was nothing they could do and they hustled us out. My 13 year old was pretty much in tears and I was irate. I drove home, called them while the game was going on and was told a supervisor would call me at exactly 10AM the next day. No call came - so I called in and was told I need to fax in a form saying that I was denied entry.

When I got the form it said, provide proof of denied entry. Are you kidding me? I thought I was going to get arrested! When I called back and argued the point, they told me just to fax it in and I would be contacted by Friday at the latest.

Again no call. I called in on Monday and was told they would be refunding my money in 7 business days - no offer of anything else. When I asked what else they were going to do to make this right, I was given a $25 site credit. What a joke!

Like I would ever use them again. So in the end, I'm hopefully getting my money back but what a nightmare the entire situation was. My advice - stay far away from these folks. If you do happen to get tickets - get there as early as possible - so YOU are the one getting in and other folks are getting the "duplicate ticket" speech.

Don't forget, you can always call your credit card company and request a chargeback against them. In cases like this, there is no way they would win.

This is no joke. This is real.

-sincerely, Bitter in Cincinnati

I liked: Hopefully get my money back.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #1345278

Pretty much the same story here in Denver for a concert. 3 months before the concert we paid Vivid Seats $346 for 2 tickets to Paul Simon concert at Red Rocks (it would have been my first concert at that venue and I was looking forward to it) .

When arriving at the gate last night they scanned the tickets and said they were cancelled. It was a sold out concert so we didn't get to see it.

We haven't filled out the required form yet. What a scam!

Columbia Station, Ohio, United States #898858

What team were the cavs playing in cinci??? There's not even a pro basketball team in cinci!

to Anonymous Stamford, Connecticut, United States #904152

They played the pacers at xavier university for preseason game douche bag.

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #897836

It has the name of the owner of the ticket ON THE TICKET. I would be contacting the owner of the original ticket. I bought 2 tickets to a basketball game myself and if this happens to me…..well someone will be bailing me out of jail because I will be one pissed off woman!!!

Millstone, New Jersey, United States #891025

The same exact thing happened to me last night at the Demi Lovato concert (10/25/14). Totally fraudulent tickets.

Did the purp walk out the door with my upset and embarrassed daughter and her friends. Was lucky enough to find someone to sell me 4 tickets, but paid more than I did initally online. Vivid offered me a full refund and a coupon code. The full refund was not a "gift" or consolation prize, it was the amount I was defrauded.

I find it very hard to believe that they are okay with losing so much business.

I will surely not be using that coupon code or Vivid Seats again. Vivid Seats does not care about its customers, in my humble opinion.


Listen here you Jersey ***...this is the best company ever! Your the joke!

I got in just fine...thanks for being late. Your seats were awesome!

to sweet N happy in Cincinnati #896097

You own the company or something Cincinnati? Wtf is wrong with you?

to sweet N happy in Cincinnati #1547607

Your is spelled You’re!

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