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Update by user Sep 16, 2016

Final update! Vivid Seats has made me a happy customer.

They contacted me back and we came to an amicable resolution. Honestly, in the end, they exceeded my expectations in fixing the mix up!

Update by user Sep 16, 2016

I finally talked to a manager in customer service. It took over 45 minutes.

He said he had a couple of options. His first and only offer was to keep the tickets and we will give you a $100 promo credit. You give me a whole section; not a row, but a section behind the one I selected, and you want me to keep tickets. and you give me a 100 so you can mess up my next experience, too.

I said no. He was like well that is pretty much all we can do. I told him when I bought these tickets I was looking at same section and row on 4 sites all comparably priced. I had other options for the exact same section and row for a little over $50 more.

I requested a refund. He said let me check to see if we can do that. I am indignant, let me check? I told you can give me a refund or you can have a charge back because my receipt shows one thing and you sent another.

So, no you are not doing me a favor by refunding my money I am doing you a favor by asking you instead of going directly to the credit card company with receipt and item received and requesting the much more expensive chargeback. Which in hindsight is what I should have done so they could have some punishment for their unethical practice.

He said the credit will be reflected in 3 to 5 business days. I will never do business with Vivid Seats and will make sure everyone I can knows there response and the work required on the consumer part to correct their error.

Original review posted by user Sep 16, 2016

I purchased tickets on this site (vivid Seats) and received downgraded tickets to a section I would have never bought. I tried to call but they only take phone calls for events the day of or day before.

All others have to email and wait at least 24 hours for a response. Meanwhile the correct seats may be sold to someone else, and you are stuck not going to the event, because I will not be tricked into paying for seats that probably would not have sold and the seats I ordered are gone. Unfortunately, I am still waiting for a response. But, since my email receipt from them reflects the correct section, and I always screenshot every order I place online, I have a case for my credit card company and the chargeback, worst case scenario.

But the awful part is because of Vivid Seats trickery I may miss the event because comparable tickets have sold since the event is tomorrow. I will never use them again and I don't recommend them. From now on I will stick to stubhub, ticket liquidator ticket master or even EBay. I have successfully bought tickets from all of the aforementioned and Craigslist for years without one single mistake.

This is not a plug for them I have a legitimate issue. Below, I have attached pictures. The first picture is section received, the second is my screenshot after I placed the order, and the third is my receipt from them reflecting that I ordered a section in front of the received section. Vivid Seats are shady to me because they don't take your phone calls because they need to help other customers whose order they messed up and they don't want to staff properly.

They want you to email and wait and hope that the tickets you bought and paid for are still available. Again, this is not a wrong shirt, this is a wrong ticket when it's gone it's gone both the seat and the event.

Update I called Vivid Seats. After sending in all of the evidence. They want to check the system mapping.

What does the system mapping have to do with me and my order.

That is an operational problem and should not be a customer problem. But low and behold if behind the scenes the ticket mapped wrong whether in error or not it appears unethical to me, the consumer, that instead of fixing my problem now and resolving your system issues on your own time, you hold my resolution and event hostage.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss vivid seats canelo alvarez vs liam smith event ticket. Vivid Seats needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Haha so you are mad they couldn't create tickets out of thin are but because they tried to be nice and offer you a credit when they didn't need to, you're happy? Are you aware of how business works and do you have an education?

to Anonymous #1290942

I believe a more appropriate question is where did you receive your education. Where does it state a credit made me happy?

In fact, the offer a mere credit was not the resolution. Your intelligence and ability to infer is astounding.

You can be humble and accept an inferior product to your purchase, if that is what you want to do. But, when I purchase an item and receive something materially different from what I purchased, then I have consumer rights provided by both the UCC, credit card company, and other protection agencies.

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