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ok went thru vivid seats for a chris cornell concert in salina ks..on the ticket it states value of each ticket $80.00, bought 2 paid $249. and some change..highway robbery or what??

sent fed express ok still not almost $90.00 in fees. i would like an explanation!!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Me to...this just happened to me. I spent 137 dollars ok two tickets that just arrived and face value is 27.50 a ticket! I'm so pissed and don't know what to do


im so glad that chris cornell put on an AWESOME concert!!!


a person who needs to resell because they can't go is not likely to upcharge the ticket but so much. Typically you want to cover the cost of the site which I'm sure takes a cut and your ticket cost.

Given the price increases I'd say no question this is strictly for gouging. And how funny....I'm sure they charge the seller something to list and then you yourself will get a $25 or more surcharge on top of that (not including shipping etc if that is involved.


It says on the website that the prices for the tickets are set by the seller and that the price listed may be more than the face value of the ticket. Sadly, I think the site is mainly for people who bought tickets with no intention of going to the concert, only to resell the tickets for a higher price to someone who actually wants to go to the concert. (Although I recognize that in some cases persons may have legitimate reasons for wanting to get rid of their tickets.)

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