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This company misrepresents its business. When purchasing it states a total amount, it does not state currancy. You find that out on your statements. When questioned on this their answer was, we are an american company so are prices are in USD.

Heres the issue, if you wish to sell outside of your own country to other countries, you need to be clear that you are an american company with currancies in USD. It is a huge misrepresentation of your company. I also feel it should be grounds for a refund. Ebay is also an american company that connects the buyers to the sellers. If a seller misrepresentates what they are selling right down to the currancy the sale is not valid.

If you want to run your buisness outside of the united states market and allow sales to concerts in Canada or anywhere else be upfront about this. Make your amounts clear. Its an obvious issue as many people are complaining about it. So either market better, represent better, or stop allowing sales outside of your country. Do your buisness right or dont do it at all.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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