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We purchased tickets through this site and missed the concert. They told us it was an act of god.

No where on that website does it say ANYTHING about weather and not being refundable. I will not be purchasing tickets from this site ever again. I'm completely discussed. You have left such a horrible impression not just on me but my 2 sisters and a few others I have spoke to that purchased tickets from your site.

Shame on you all.

We drove far enough from home and you should at least compensate us with something. You make me sick.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivid Seats Website.

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Huntsville, Alabama, United States #859118

I bought tickets for 231.00 thinking I was getting 10 tickets to a local concert come to find out that it was for 1 ticket. The local tickets are going for around 30.00 so i was lead to believe that i was getting 10 on there quantity.

Its very misleading!!! and should be fraud. when i realized what they had done i called them within 10 min of purchasing the tickets demanding a refund. They said they cannot do refunds!!!

Use a reputable company like ticket master!!!

Just don't use these people. Please help us spread the word so it doesn't happen to other people.


Um, you realize that you bought these tickets from another individual who posted them for sale on that site, right? Vivid Seats is the middle man like ebay.

They make sure the sellers have real tickets and the buyer's credit card info is kept safe. Sounds like you paid to get tickets to that show, and they provided you with tickets to the show. Vivid Seats doesn't have any money to give you back because they have to pay the guy who sold the tickets.

You want them to get the money back from the seller who did everything right because you didn't get to the concert in time? It sucks for you, but if you bought them from ticketmaster or any other company, you wouldn't be getting a refund either just because you got stuck in traffic.

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